Fashion and Trends that Always Capture The Spirit of The South

How does one capture the spirit of the South through trends and fashion? How do you define Southern style? While it's difficult to define, we think we've got some of the most commonly shared aspects that capture the spirit of the South.

The Brooch

Despite the ever-evolving and quick-changing trends of the fashion world, especially in jewelry, the brooch has never left our Southern jewelry collection. They're a subtle accessory that makes a beautiful statement and can be worn with any outfit. Additionally, they can connect us to generations, especially if passed down.
Antique jewelry collectors and specialists are seeing a rise in brooch purchases, with men taking a particular interest in pins for their coat jackets, lapels, and ties.

Cowboy Boots

Invented in 1875 for cowboys and designed with functionality in mind, what was once a plain pair of tan leather boots with brown stitching have come a long way, cementing their place in fashion history and the modern day. The baseline elements remain the pointed toe, slanted heel, and high chiseled top, but the cowboy boot now brings in on-trend fashion traits. You can find cowboy boots in metallic, glitter, abstract patterns, more traditional fashion, sequins, neon colors, unique heels, and anything else on-trend today. Cowboy boots are here to stay and are a uniquely Southern fashion tradition.

The Southern T-Shirt

We may have mentioned it already, but Southerners love who we are and where we come from. One of the most loved yet simple fashions almost every Southerner has in their wardrobe? At least one Tee that declares their love for the South or their favorite thing in the South. We're sentimental about land, people, and culture, and nothing quite sums all that up better than wearing a comfy T-shirt that embodies everything.

Timeless Southern Fashion Trends

How to spot a Southerner no matter where they are? Look for these timeless trends (though, remember, there are always exceptions!):
  1. Southerners avoid monochromatic schemes whenever possible, and you'll find us wearing coordinated colors with matching accessories.
  2. In the same way, we love color; we love patterns too. Seersucker, gingham, and plaid are all mainstays in the Southern wardrobe.
  3. Sandals are always dressy, whether heeled or flat.
  4. Is it a game day? Every football fan in the South knows that dressing up for the game is an essential part of the experience.
  5. Bow ties and pearls are classic and often are heirloom pieces worn proudly.

Southern Charm Interior Décor

Several quintessential design elements are repeated in almost any Southern home or room.
  • Walk into almost any Southern home, and you'll undoubtedly find antique furniture mixed with contemporary, on-trend pieces. Southerners love their tradition and family connections and hold a soft spot for décor that means something deeply personal.
  • Whether in the china hutch or cabinets, you'll probably find a lot of beautiful silver. Formal and elegant, from utensils to platters, cups, and serving dishes—the patina of antique silver holds a richness and sense of history that Southerns adore.
  • We'd be surprised if you didn't encounter cane, wicker, or lattice from the front porch to the garden. From rattan candle holders to chairs to wicker baskets and more, there's nothing quite as warm and inviting as these pieces for the perfect Southern ambiance.
  • No Southern home would be complete without emphasizing outdoor and indoor living. Many Southern homes boast a beautiful garden outside and plenty of fresh greenery and flowers inside.
There's so much to try and fit into a single label: classic elegance, bold and bubbly, bright and sunshiny, modern, farmhouse interior décor, simple monogrammed everything. Southern style is about channeling the best of the South, the culture, the people, and the history.