These 4 Southern Styles Deserve a Comeback

cowboy hat, belt buckle, and western shoes
Most pillars of Southern style have lasted for decades or even centuries. Bright colors, patterned garments, elegant sandals–all of these essentials have a timeless appeal. However, some Southern styles have faded with time as trends have transpired… but are ready to make their comeback! If you're a Southerner, you might know and love these styles, even if they're not the most contemporary. To stay fashion-forward while paying tribute to your roots, try these Southern styles that are ripe for a return.
  1. Denim Everything
    Denim jeans never go out of style, but what if we could add denim to everything? A pinnacle of southern style, denim represents everything from farm work to cracking open beer to the rodeo. Denim is steeped in tradition, so the more ways we can bring it back, the better. Plus, it's comfortable, durable, great for any weather, and goes with anything! Wearing denim vests, jackets, hats, and shirts–the possibilities are endless. Even denim-on-denim can be a fun and subversive way to bring back an old style! Whether you're a dark wash wearer or a light wash enthusiast, try a denim-based look to tie in tradition with a modern take.

  2. Pearls
    Pearls are an iconic symbol of sophistication… even if they've been left behind a bit in modern times. You might have put your pearls away in a drawer, but when formal settings rear their head, pearls can be a great way to show class and refinement while giving your face an extra element of glow. For extra fun and experimentation, try adding pearls to a casual outfit or even wearing pearls somewhere past the traditional neck area–like on a pair of heels or a headband. No matter how you wear them, pearls are a tried-and-true way to add a splash of southern tradition to a trendy look.

  3. Cowboy Couture
    Cowboys might not be riding bareback into town at dusk anymore, but it doesn't mean we can't continue to embrace the cowboy look. Whether it's a pink cowboy hat for girl's night, a standard pair of cowboy boots that go with everything, or a pair of wranglers that look fresh out of the rodeo, cowboy is a versatile look! Denim, cow print, fringe, leather, big belt buckles–the list goes on and on. There's no end to the fun you can have with a little extra cowboy in your daily wardrobe, especially when you give it a modern spin.

  4. Big Hair
    Voluminous hair has never gone out of style, but no one was doing it like old-school Southern belles. Today's moderate styles are great, but it might be time to bring back the towering hair of Southern celebrities like Priscilla Presley or Dolly Parton. Vintage looks are having a moment, and why should hair be the exception–especially in the south where we like to make a statement? The next time you're gearing up to set out for a big event, consider a voluminous hairstyle–even if it's just an extra-high ponytail or bouncy curls.
Southern style is timeless, even if trends change with the passing years. These old-school looks could definitely use a fresh revival, and now's the time! Try these underrated, vintage southern styles to bring more southern tradition to your everyday style.