About Us

It all started in 1957 in the tiny town of Fuquay-Varina, NC. Ralph and Daphne Ashworth were both recent graduates from UNC-Chapel Hill. Ralph had just finished pharmacy school and the newlyweds were looking for a small-town drugstore to own and operate. They received word that there was a drugstore for sale in the town of Cary, about a 30 minute drive away from Fuquay.

They, along with their newborn son Gary, piled in the family car and made the trek down to Cary. Ralph walked into what was then Adam's Pharmacy and asked Mr. Adams if this was the drugstore that was for sale. Mr. Adams told Ralph that it wasn't his drugstore, but the one just down the street that was for sale, and it had just sold. Mr. Adams had a son who had no interest in pharmacy, and so Mr. Adams told Ralph that he would sell him the drugstore. (Adam's Pharmacy circa 1930's)

Daphne had always wanted to run a Hallmark store, so once they bought the drugstore, Daphne set off to switch out the cards they were carrying with Hallmark Cards. They contacted Hallmark Headquarters in Kansas City, MO and they sent out a Sales Rep to scope out the sleepy bedroom community. When the sales rep showed up he realized Cary was far too small to support a Hallmark store, but they would be able to carry Hallmark cards in the drugstore, so long as they "would not sell fishing tackle” – plus a myriad of other products that may degrade the Hallmark name. 

Fast forward to 1969 when their Hallmark Sales Rep told them of a new opportunity in a new mall (one of the first in North Carolina) opening in Kinston. Ralph and Daphne, along with their two boys Gary and Paul once again piled in the family sedan and headed east to Kinston to see the new shop. They were interested and then they flew to Kansas City to talk to Hallmark about their new concept of "Lynn's Hallmark Shops."  

Hallmark had plans to franchise card shops under the "Lynn's" name, which they had just copyrighted. When Lynn's Hallmark opened, it was the 6th such shop to be opened nationwide. Over forty years later, the Lynn's & Daphne's Hallmark chain consists of 13 stores. In 1981, Ralph and Daphne welcomed their eldest son Gary to the Lynn's Hallmark family and in 2009, the trio welcomed the 3rd generation of Ashworth's, Scott and Chris into the fold.

So far, this history has dwelled on the evolution of Lynn's and Daphne's Hallmark shops. Without the support and hard work of our outstanding managers, their teams, and of course our loyal customers, none of this would be possible. 100% of the credit for our success goes to our team's dedication to their customers and stores. 

In the last few years we noticed more and more online stores opening and carrying a lot of the same product we carry in our Hallmark stores. After shopping online with them we realized there was something missing; excellent customer service, and quick, prompt order fulfillment and shipping. We are so excited to bring our expertise, top-notch customer service, Southern Hospitality, and great products online to reach and serve more people and help make their days better.

We hope you enjoy visiting with us and become a customer for life!