How Southerners Capture the Grace and Relaxing Lifestyle in Clothing

Study clothing through the different periods of human history. You may find it relatively easy to spot the customs, beliefs, economics, values, and technology practiced in that historical era. Clothing habits and trends vary from place to place, as every culture has unique clothing styles attributed to it. Our garments can reflect our beliefs, customs, values, morals, economics, art, and the technology of individuals and groups. Fashion is our ultimate means of expressing ourselves through the clothing and accessories we choose to wear.
Historically, clothing has also reflected what is culturally appropriate by a society. Before WWII, it was considered unacceptable for women to wear trousers, but as the war forced women to work in industries performing jobs once traditionally held by men, women needed adequate work apparel, such as pants.

How Our Clothing Reflects the Graceful and Relaxed Southern Lifestyle

Southern ladies, in particular, have long been praised for their ability to combine effortless, timeless elegance with a relaxed style that is both comfortable and chic. How are they able to pull this off?
  • They love the classic wardrobe pieces. Southern women know and love the classic pieces that never go out of style. Items like the white button-down blouse, a pencil skirt, or a pair of black pumps, for example, can be dressed down or up.
  • They focus on quality and not quantity. Southern ladies tend to invest in quality garments that can last for years, as they know a well-made piece always looks great no matter what.
  • A touch of femininity. Southern women love to embrace their femininity while remaining comfortable, as the South can get quite hot over summer and stay so in some places well into fall and winter.

What Makes a Southern Outfit Look Graceful and Relaxed?

Look around in any Southern state, and you'll no doubt find bright colors, classic silhouettes, and statement jewelry abound down here.
Ladies in the South often plan and either pull together looks or buy early with the occasion in mind. While dressing for any event means something different to different Southern women, we can all take a cue from the impressively dressed Southern ladies when it comes to pulling off colorful or printed styles.

Graceful yet Relaxed Outfit Ideas and Tips

When it comes to fashion, there are endless possibilities and styles to choose from. Finding your style may take some time and experimentation, but as we are passionate about Southern fashion, we have a few tips for incorporating that graceful yet relaxing Southern style.
  • A peplum top in gingham check, your favorite blue jeans, and a neutral sandal with statement earrings, a little fun and flirty with the ruffles, comfortable jeans, and cute but sensibly flat sandals is a great look that combines a hint of elegant with a laid back chic.
  • Is the outfit missing something? Don't forget the pearls. A gorgeous pearl statement necklace or drop-and-dangle pearl earrings add instant polish to any look.
  • Afternoon tea, picnic at the park, or family reunion is perfect for wearing your favorite seersucker dress. Breezy and breathable, seersucker has long been a Southern classic fabric that is timelessly on-trend. Pair your favorite strappy, kitten-heeled sandals, a rattan or straw tote, and a pair of designer-looking sunglasses for a polished spring and summer outfit that can be worn to any occasion.
What makes Southern style so unique? We're ready for anything! Capturing this graceful yet relaxed style is all about fusing sophisticated, timeless pieces with laid-back staples that anyone can sport outside, from hunting, fishing, dinners out, family get-togethers, sitting around a bonfire, or more.