Welcome to Southern Recollection's New Blog


Welcome to the new Southern Recollection Blog! Here at Southern Recollection, we offer a great selection of classic southern fashion for the whole family at affordable prices. Whether you want to learn about southern style or southern living, our blog has it all.

We know that southern fashion goes deeper than cute tees and trendy accessories -- it's a way of life. Down South, we follow rituals that go beyond swinging on the front porch swing with a glass of sweet tea (although we enjoy that too)! Our hospitality is shaped by core southern values like family, kindness, charm, and good home cooking. This lifestyle is something we're proud of, and in this blog, we hope to shed light on some of our favorite aspects of southern living, from fashion to traditions! Here are some topics you can expect to read about:

1.) Southern Fashion: Our expertise in southern fashion is what allows our inventory to be so extensive with the best quality and best-designed products. We carry hundreds of tees from the industry's leading brands. Our tees boast some of the South's most cherished values incorporated into cute and fashionable designs. Shirts that include portrayals of family, faith, and hospitality represent the foundations of southern charm. Here in our blog, you'll find details about our favorite designs as well as information about the newest southern fashion trends.

2.) Seasonal Favorites: Who doesn't love pumpkin pie and jingle bells? As the holidays grow near, we have everything you need for the upcoming festivities. Our selection features fall, Christmas, spring, and patriotic tees with southern designs for the entire family. Our selection is so large you may have difficulty choosing the perfect styles! We'll help you by writing about some of our favorite items so you can ring in any season with the latest fashion.

3.) Southern Traditions: Though we live in a busy world that's developing quickly, solid southern traditions should never go out of style. Courtesy, manners, and family loyalty have always dominated the southern way. Popular traditions and lesser-known traditions are fun ways to keep the core values of southern heritage alive. Learn a little bit about the Southern lifestyle of the past and find out how your family can incorporate some old traditions into your modern lives.

4.) Much More: Fashion and traditions are essential parts of southern living, but so much more makes up the culture that surrounds our everyday life. On our blog, we want to expand our offering strictly from southern fashion to a well-rounded example of the entire southern experience. You can expect to find a wide range of posts about different topics pertaining to trendy clothing and the beloved southern way of life!

For years, we've provided you with the best southern fashion at affordable prices, and now it's time to demonstrate our pride in our southern culture. At Southern Recollection, we believe that southern living is special, and we are excited to have a platform that showcases its many unique charms. Visit our blog for more information on southern style and living!