Spring Styles to Beat the Heat

women standing under cherry blossom tree
Northern states might still be full of snow, but here in the South, it’s springtime! Start brewing some sweet tea and dust off that porch swing because it’s time to enjoy the outdoors once again. With this beautiful warmer weather comes lots of changes for us Southerners. We’ll be throwing our windows open to let in the breeze, deviling eggs and leaving fresh pies on windowsills, and most importantly we’ll be changing our styles to stay cool as the air gets hotter and hotter. Here are some easy adjustments we recommend to keep your Southern style without melting like an ice cream cone on a hot day.

The Best Spring Dresses

Nothing says spring like a good maxi dress. These flattering dresses look good on just about everybody with their fitted tops and flowing skirts. They’re so comfortable, you can head out on an evening stroll and look like a perfectly put-together Southerner. You won’t have to worry about dirtying the bottom either because most are cut above the ankles. If you’re looking for something to fill that closet, maxi dresses will never do you wrong. Wear them with flats and a belt for a casual daytime look then slip on heels and your best jewelry to head to dinner. And for some added Southern charm, look for maxi dresses in a seersucker fabric. The lightweight cotton weave is perfect to keep you cool all spring and summer long.

Refresh Your Hair

If you’ve been growing those locks for a little extra winter warmth, it’s time to get to the salon and chop them off. No extra insulation will be needed this season, so consider a cool and trendy bob, lob, or a-line cut. Your friends will think you’re the epitome of style and the back of your neck won’t sweat. While you’re in the styling chair, ask your beautician if she has some blonde hair coloring in the back. Lightening your hair is like hitting a reset button on your style, and we love a good butter blonde in the springtime.

Shoes that Don’t Make Your Feet Sweat

We strive to keep our Southern grace and charm all year long, but in the hottest months, it can be tough dressing to impress in a high heel. Instead of being uncomfortable and wondering if your ankles will hold up, grab a few pairs of block heel pumps. The block heel provides more stability so you won’t sink into the ground during the church picnic. They’re perfect for that seersucker dress or even a pair of jeans and a nice top; you’ll be stylish and stable wherever you go.

Keeping our style standards high is important here in the South, but that doesn’t mean you need to be in overheated outfits all spring. There’s nothing we love more than throwing those sweaters into a storage box marked “Winter” and stocking our closets with maxi dresses, spaghetti strap tops, and open-toed shoes. So put aside whatever you were doing today and swap out those cold weather styles. When you’re done, have a seat on the porch and enjoy a sweet tea for us.