Southern Takes on Spring Fashion

flat lay composition with pastel pink sandals, sunglasses, hat, bag.
Southern style is distinctive no matter what the season–and spring is no exception. When the weather gets a little warmer and everything begins to bloom, it’s time for Southerners to break out our unique spring wardrobe. In the South, styles that harken from tradition are still reliable favorites when March and April rear their heads. To embrace tradition without sacrificing style, try these southern spring looks.
  1. Plaid and Gingham
    Patterns are a staple of Southern fashion. Expressing ourselves through eye-popping visuals and prints helps us stand out and make a statement. When it comes to warmer weather and gorgeous blooming flowers, we’ve got to wear something that helps us join in on the fun! Patterns of all types are good for spring, but essentials like gingham and bright plaids can be a fun and classically Southern way to add color, texture, and fun to your spring wardrobe. These patterns are perfect for Easter, a rainy day walk, or even a sunny picnic day.

  2. Pastels
    Spring is all about color and growth, so why not add a few more bright pieces to your wardrobe? When it comes to Spring colors, pastels are the name of the game. Lavender, pale yellow, soft pink, or light green are emblematic of the seasons’ flowers, plant growth, and rebirth. If you’re a Southerner, you probably already have a few colorful garments waiting to go, so you might as well break out those nice pastels to wear through spring and even into summer.

  3. Sandals
    Sandals are an essential part of southern fashion and can be critical for comfort when things start to heat up. In the spring, you might not want to rock flip-flops, but instead, nicer sandals that could even be appropriate for church! Jewel tones, metallic touches, wedge heels, and buckles make for some nice spring sandals that bring some class, fun, and seasonal charm to footwear in the spring. If you’ve left those cute sandals in your closet all winter, now’s the time to break them out.

  4. Linen
    Dressing for the spring requires both comfort and style. The South encompasses multiple climates, creating the need for versatile fabrics that can survive rainfall as well as sunny days. Linen is a great choice for keeping things cool while still looking classy. With refinement and wearability, linen is a great fabric for Southerners to rock through the spring, whether it’s at a picnic, a wedding, or even just a chill day running errands.

  5. Raincoats
    Spring can get pretty rainy, which is great for all the budding life… but a bit tricky for getting from place to place. When you need protection from the April showers, grab a raincoat! Try one in a bright color or a fun pattern to give it a little Southern flavor. No matter the season, Southern fashion is about expressing yourself and making an unapologetic statement–so why not do it with a raincoat?
When spring rolls around, don’t be afraid to add a traditional Southern flair to your wardrobe! If you’re looking for a shirt to layer with or fun colors to wear amidst all the natural growth, check out some of the short or long sleeve t-shirts available on our website.