Southern Styles for Winter

winter photo

There’s no denying that the south encompasses a wide area of land, so tackling winter styles can look different depending on where you live. Some regions experience mild temperatures while others see snow and others see sweat. No matter where in the south you live, these winter fashion essentials will keep you warm and stylish all season long!

1.) Vests: The vest is one of the most popular items in southern winter fashion. A good vest will keep you cozy and your temperature regulated. Vests are practical because they keep you warm without too much insulation, and they can easily be styled to match the vibe of any occasion. Fleece and puffer vests are common for more casual wear, while fur vests are dressier alternatives.

2.) Layering: Instead of investing in thick clothes that can only be worn on rare chilly days, consider layering some of your favorite pieces for a warm and fashionable outfit that can be easily adapted when the weather warms up throughout the day. For those chilly mornings and mild afternoons, layering is a southern winter essential. No matter where you live in the South, the weather can be unpredictable, so using lightweight clothing to create a solid foundation for your outfits will save you money and keep you comfortable.

3.) Leggings: Here in the south, leggings are essential for both fall and winter. In areas where temperatures are milder, compliment your leggings with a cute graphic t-shirt. Throw a sweater or light jacket into the mix as the weather cools down. For extra cold days, break out some fleece-lined leggings or layer your pants. You can put any leggings under a pair of jeans or sweatpants for added warmth. Leggings come in all colors, and their coziness and versatility make them the perfect addition to any southern winter outfit!

4.) Flannels: Go into any southerner’s closet, and you’ll find at least one flannel shirt hanging up. Flannels are one of the few closet staples that you can easily incorporate into an outfit almost every day. They are perfect for layering or just wearing by themselves. Flannels function as a light jacket over t-shirts, or they can be dressed up and worn over a neutral turtleneck with some nice jeans or tights.

5.) Scarves: A scarf is a cute and affordable accessory that can spruce up any outfit. The endless color and pattern choices leave you with the creativity to customize any outfit. They are extremely practical because they’re warm and portable. Coming in various styles and fabrics, anyone can find a scarf for any climate or occasion! Perfect for windy weather and snow flurries, scarves are a must-have this winter.

6.) Rain Boots: Unless you live in a mountainous area that sees snow, the most precipitation you’ll receive during a southern winter is likely lots of rain. Rain boots, specifically Hunter Rain Boots, are extremely popular in the south. They are fashionable and perfect for any type of winter weather that comes your way!