Planning the Perfect Southern Valentine’s Day


Valentine's day is a great excuse to spend time with those you love. This might mean a romantic dinner with your spouse, a weekend trip with your girlfriend, a fun dinner with other single friends, or even a cozy family gathering. Whatever it is, it's important to celebrate love when Valentine's Day rolls around. If you're looking to put a Southern spin on your favorite Valentine's day tradition, there are plenty of ways to celebrate your roots while also making time for your loved ones.

1. Cook Comfort Food:

Looking for something fun to do with your significant other on this special day but don't want to leave the house? Try cooking some Southern comfort food! You deserve some relaxation and fun with your loved one (and maybe a little break from your diet, if you're on one). The list goes on: Gumbo, grits, fried chicken, chicken and dumplings. Whipping up these comforting foods together reminds the two of you that you've built a life with one another and that you haven't forgotten your roots. Plus, you get to eat a delicious meal together… and even do the dishes together!

2. Throw a Party:

Down South, we're all about hospitality! Friends, family, and neighbors can all be a part of our love-day celebrations. A party might be the perfect alternative if a one-on-one Valentine's date isn't in the cards this year. Hosting comes with the chance to cook cute heart-shaped foods, adorn your home with colorful decorations, and catch up with those you love and care about. If you've got kids, maybe invite their friends from school to kick up the Valentine's fun. This could come with lots of extra finger food or crafts! If kids aren't involved, a pink or red Valentine's cocktail might be a fun treat for the adults.

3. Have Night On The Town:

Sometimes Valentine's day can be a great excuse to get out and have fun outside the confines of your home. If you want to do date night the Southern way, find a restaurant that caters to Southern tastes. Try a country bar or club if you're looking for something a little more upbeat! Listening to some country tunes and dancing the night away with your special someone might remind you why you fell in love with them in the first place. Whether you live in the backwoods or the big city, there's likely a great local spot for a special Valentine's night out.

4. Take a Family Approach:

Valentine's day is all about love… and who do Southerners love more than our kids? If you've got some little ones and date night doesn't seem quite right, take some time to spend Valentine's day with the whole family. There are plenty of memories to be made watching a movie, playing board games, or just eating a family dinner. For a little extra fun, the family can make some valentines for each other by cutting out pieces of paper and picking little gifts to put inside. Take the day as a reason to tell kids how much you love them and an excuse to spend quality time doing something fun together.

Valentine's day can be a little extra fun if you choose to give it a touch of Southern flavor. However you decide to spend the day, make sure you're making time for the ones you love.