Fall Fashion the Southern Way


As nights get cooler and the leaves change colors, it's becoming clear that the fall season is among us! Fashion trends come and go with the seasons up north, but in the south, we stick to what we know and love. When it comes to southern fall fashion, we have our own set of trends and clothing necessities that offer comfort and style year after year. Make sure you're ready to take on the season this year with these southern fall fashion staples and classic trends that never go out of style.

1.) Layering: Down south, it's not always easy to beat the heat -- even after summer has run its course. Before completely switching out your wardrobe for the season, you may want to keep some of your favorite warm-weather pieces accessible. Southern weather can be unpredictable, especially amid changing seasons, so t-shirts, dresses, and lightweight clothing can be a solid foundation for your fall wardrobe. Layering creates insulation when it's chilly and allows you to easily shed layers if the weather warms up.

2.) Ankle Boots: Crunch through the leaves with a pair of black or brown ankle boots. This footwear choice has been a fall fashion staple in the south for years and continues to make an appearance as temperatures drop below 70. The versatility of these stylish ankle boots makes them a yearly favorite. You can pair ankle boots with jeans, leggings, or a dress for a chic and coordinated fall outfit! They come in various styles and colors that can be selected to complement any outfit.

3.) Skinny Jeans: While new trends may call skinny jeans "out of style," they certainly have been, and continue to be, very much "in style" here in the south. You can't go anywhere during the fall and winter months without seeing several people sporting a cute pair of skinny jeans (often with ankle boots)! Southerners tend to have a lot of functions to attend during the fall, between church activities, sporting events, and social gatherings. Skinny jeans are a comfortable and fashion-forward way to adhere to most unspoken dress codes during the fall and winter months.

4.) Accessorizing: Add some pumpkin SPICE to your outfit by completing the look with some seasonal accessories. Some of our favorite southern fall accessories combine style and practicality, including oversized scarves, sunglasses, and women's fedora hats. Jewelry is an excellent way to get creative and add a touch of elegance to your ensemble. In the same way a muffin is a naked cupcake, no outfit is complete without some snazzy accessories.

5.) Seasonal Tees: One thing we love to do here in the south is display our big personalities. Seasonal tees from leading southern brands will ensure you stay comfortable and flaunt a design that is true to you. Festive images of fall leaves, pumpkin patches, and pumpkin spice lattes cater to your individual interests and lend some personalization to any outfit. These designs are often available in short-sleeve and long-sleeve tees as well as crewnecks so you can be prepared for whatever weather comes your way. If you're interested in adding a fashionable southern conversation starter to your fall wardrobe, check out our fall tees in our website's seasonal section!

Happy Fall, Y'all!