Essential Spring Cleaning Tips For Southerners


As the weather grows warmer and everything is in bloom, it’s a great time to give our homes a fresh start too. Spring cleaning is a seasonal tradition that dates back for centuries…and what are Southerners if not traditional? It can be tempting to ditch the mop and settle for some Netflix instead, but you’ll be grateful to yourself if you can find a way to make the cleaning process more manageable. Instead of skipping out on the scrubbing, we encourage you to embrace spring cleaning–but make it a little easier with these tips!

1. Make the Process Manageable:

It’s easy to get overwhelmed at the start of your spring cleaning journey, but separating things into smaller components makes it all a bit more realistic. It might be useful to schedule your cleaning room by room, starting with the bathroom and moving to the living room. Make a list of the most important areas in each room to clean, and pick the order based on these priorities. You might even try setting aside small amounts of time to clean every day instead of attempting to tackle the whole thing at once. This makes the entire thing seem simpler and less like a never-ending list of chores.

2. Get The Whole Household Involved

When it comes to cleaning your home, there’s no reason to do it all alone! If you’ve got kids, a significant other, or even a roommate, getting them to join in on the effort can be the key to getting it all done. Plus, it allows you to teach kids some important cleaning lessons, or spend a little extra time with your spouse…even if you’re spending that time scrubbing the floor! Cleaning with the other members of your household can help you and your family experience more gratitude and love for the home you inhabit–in the true southern spirit of thankfulness and graciousness.

3. Don’t Forget the Details

When you’re focused on the big picture, it can be easy to miss the smaller parts of your home that need cleansing, like the nooks and crannies around your windows or countertops. Although they might not seem quite as important, the grime in these areas can build up if left for long periods. Taking the time to tidy them might just be essential to a thorough spring cleaning. You might also want to clean up the items you use on a daily basis, like your phone, reusable grocery bags, or even your makeup bag. We don’t often make time to clean these things, so we might as well use spring cleaning as an excuse to polish them.

4. Set Some Habits

Cleaning once a year is great in theory, but we want our home to be tidy all year long. That way, we can have guests over and show them Southern hospitality at any time of the year! While cleaning, it can be useful to take note of which areas seem to be collecting the most dirt or clutter, and refresh our habits so that we’re keeping our homes clean through the coming seasons. This can help us live our happiest, healthiest lives without having to worry too much the next time spring cleaning inevitably rears its head.

Whether you’re tidying your apartment or deep cleaning the family house, spring cleaning doesn't have to feel impossible! With these tips, you'll have your home squeaky clean by the time summer rolls around.